Fun88 Introduction

by JesseSeder683519 posted Jul 31, 2020


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4. Make it a (consensual!!) surprise. A huge benefit of a hand job is that it can be done sneakily. We are not condoning or encouraging doing handies in public places, but if you wanted to get a HJ going while you’re sitting side-by-side on the couch, watching a movie, that would be good and fun88 acceptable.


5. It’s all mental. Jacqui Oliver, a psycho-sexual relationship consultant, says to get your guy started by getting him to imagine the hot and heavy stuff that’s about to go down. Don’t be afraid to talk dirty! Getting into the right mind-set can turn second base from a pit stop on the way to sex to the actual destination.

6. Hold him steady. Oliver says to make a "V" shape with your thumb and pointer finger to support the base of his penis and fun88 adding slight downward pressure. This holds his penis in place as he becomes erect so it doesn’t "bounce" around too much.

7. Stretch it out. Apply some lube in your other hand, and slowly stretch out the length of his penis with your other hand (your thumb should be pointing down towards his balls). Once your lubed hand nears the top of his penis, you can bring your support hand up and repeat the same slow stretch. Repeat until you’re both impressed by your hand fun88 dexterity.